Hooking up the Plumbing

Today workers are hooking the Bistro plumbing into city water. [slideshow_deploy id='1463']

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Uncovering the Past

As workers continue to remove pieces of the original Bistro floor to add drainage, the coal dust foundation from the 1890's is exposed. Builders at the time used coal dust from the railroads for foundations since the earth was hard clay. [slideshow_deploy id='1460']

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Cutting Out the Floor

Here are a few photos from last week as the workers cut out the original concrete floor, exposing the 120-year-old dirt beneath, so new floor drains can be installed. [slideshow_deploy id='1438']

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Roof Repairs at the Bistro

The crew is working hard today repairing and re-covering the 100-year-old pine roof. [slideshow_deploy id='1434']

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Vanellis Episode III – The Bistro Awakens

Vanellis Bistro is coming to Downtown Tupelo this Spring! May the Pizza be with you!

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Construction Continues at Vanellis Bistro!

The renovation is in full swing at Vanellis Bistro in Downtown Tupelo as we head into the new year!  Click through the slideshow for images, and we'll see you in the first quarter of 2016!   [slideshow_deploy id='1404']

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Voz Vanelli set to return with Vanelli’s Bistro

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Vanelli’s Bistro to Open Downtown

VANELLI'S BISTRO TO OPEN DOWNTOWN By Dennis Seid Daily Journal TUPELO – For 18 months, diners and fans of Vanelli’s have watched and waited eagerly for news on when the iconic restaurant will reopen. Their wait is almost over. Owner Voz Vanelli is reopening in a new location with a new name early next year. [...]

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Pizzaman to Return Soon!

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A Little Entertainment: Pizzaman vs. the Tornado

From our team at songShine: Pizzaman vs. the Tornado from vOz Vanelli on Vimeo.

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